Reviews for "Rorschach's End"


It was quite hilarious. I honestly did not expect that. My only question is:

The ehck is "NAAAAA" Because NightOwl doesn't yell out "NOOOO" Like you'd expect him to. Even in the movie, which I noticed you used voice clips from, he yells out "Na." The heck is Na?

Phobotech responds:

If you just saw one of your buddies who you respected for years just get blown apart in front of you, I'm pretty sure that the swell of emotions you emit wouldn't have produced a verifiable, enunciated response...that would just be poor acting.

It was a shouting protest... "No!" which transitioned into a scream...and what the heck is "ehck?"...wait...it's a scrambled "heck"...nevermind.


The voice over and how you animated Rorschach's hilarious face was priceless. And Owl's scream at the end. Just great. Love it.

Phobotech responds:

Thanks! Your waffle icon makes me smile. :D

This was great hah

A nice cheap laugh at the internet's expense, gotta love that.

Phobotech responds:

Ya damn right. Glad it entertained!

Rule 34....

No exceptions

Phobotech responds:

Not even just one?


As someone who enjoyed both the comic and the movie, I found this vid hillarious. Especially Nightowls reaction.

One very small niggle is that the voices were a bit hard to hear, but otherwise flawless.

Phobotech responds:

Yeah, everyone I first show this to don't quite catch "Well what're ya waiting for?"

That may have been an opportunity for clearer voice acting, but it is what it is.

Thanks for the review!