Reviews for "Dadgame"

100% Completion

Amazing game. Truly.

How amazing? So great that I could not leave it be until I had 100%

Seriously. The campaign alone is wonderful.

The controls are great (z spamming haha) and there's a lot of flexibility of what you can do attacking wise.

Very clever with the boss fights. Where you would have to dodge Final Weapon X's missiles, then energy ball, and still have room to doge the eye beam.

The monkey battle was different because you couldnt simply attack him. You had to throw stuff.

And Im curious. Is there any way to defeat the Prez. Boss BEFORE you fight Final Weapon?

Weapon variety was great. Chain ball, light saber, FRCL. Oh and by the way. I find the Buster sound very useful to defeat a certain creator.

I like how you incorporated your other flashes into this. I actually had never watched WSW or Mecha Death, and I thank this game to make me want to.

Mecha Death was a crazy fight. Him and Phantom both almost killed me as I was reaching the final blows.

The extra challenges added so much more to an already fun game.

The tower made me very aware that it isnt just rise as much as you can, because the ninja can grab you and shoot you down really far.

Im glad it let you go back to Phantom after reaching him. I tried hard to beat those targets and I thought you had to do it every time.

And Boss Battle Hard. Wow.

All in all, a very fun game. Good controls. Great visuals. Lots of fun extras.

Never did I find it repetitive or boring. Not too short, and not too long.

The unlockables and medals add an extra desire to play.

I just got 100% completion, and I may still want to play. (To try out certain secret items.)

And with the games good dynamics come the cut scenes. They were very entertaining, and pretty well animated. My favorite is the part where he throws the car at the mall.

I suggest an option to watch cut scenes, because even though I love that scene so much, I dont want to have to destroy the train each time. Thanks.

Again, the animation. While it was good I found it to be not AS good as Dad's Home's animation. I can understand with everything else that was put into this, though.

Just letting you know what can be improved with...the next installment?

Your work is always worth the wait, and Id like you to keep it up! I appreciate it.

Oh. And great job making yourself so powerful.


best game ever!!

i love killing the monkey with the ff7 buster sword and destroying the mall!!

the best game ever

i did easy but if i did the rest il be here all day so im not doing them lol


Lmao. Even though it was super easy, it was still funny. Great job. =D

At first I thought he must be a superhero...

But ten I remembered that superheroes have responsibility