Reviews for "Dadgame"

This game is epic! I love the part when you get to destroy the Mall in one of the levels!:)

dude put +1 lives on each level you make it to including on hard mode :/

this game is legit

This game doesn't really know what it wants to be. One moment you're running around causing pointless havoc across an open arena, next second you're fighting a boss in an enclosed space, carefully analyzing it's every move. On the difficulty of bosses, a lot of them don't really have any clear patterns. Which is BAD. I understand it would be good if bosses were as simple as walking up to them and spamming attack and occasionally dodging when you're low, you don't do that because the bosses have hard hitting attacks and large health pools (For the most part). The controls were responsive, but unintuitive. I felt like I was playing an idle clicker game as my finger was constantly tapping Z. The parts that were just running around causing havoc were my favorite as I thought they were the most polished. I wish that it wasn't just boss after boss.

A good platformer game. of course the normal diffuclty.