Reviews for "Dadgame"

Fun but simple, a good 15 minute distraction.

Nothing's loading for me pls. help
I used to be able to play this and it was pretty good. I forgot most of what its about but I think its worth a try.

10/10 best game ever

Fun game

So the "DEMO" on this is pretty funny especially with all the screams and what not a fun game indeed lol, Not alot of flash can win awards but when the effort does show off as does this one then its worth it and this one was worthit for sure so fantastic job there, and props to you on the awards. But anyways fun game lots of action silly and fun. I really like what you have here, and since this review is almost over ill just say that in moderation this was a decent flash game, and shows what you are capable of and would love to see more of your skills pushed further, but as for this game, it was a nifty lil game, and I was pretty happy with the gameplay, very entertaining and some good fun to it.

So I could suggest a small suggestion here or there but wouldnt do any good this entry was not in any need of any improvments or changes.


dad is unstoppable

also make a sequel, this game is great. im also still playing this in 2018, 9 years after the game was released.