Reviews for "Ed & his inner demons #3"


"We need to blast our way out. Quick Ed, Find a burrito and a butane lighter."
Lol those demons were cool. "Im pretty sure I had a penis." lol
Great work on the artwork, the story, the writing, and the originality. I can see that a lot of effort is put into this. I can imagine this in the front page. Good Job, Keep it up. Oh and one more thing, It's great that the humor you use is slightly mature and immature without the feeling of it going to far or getting too mature as to cause no laughing.

kevinswearingen responds:

god! thank you, you totally get it!!!!!!!!


But since when was ed able to talk to his demons.
And where is the tranie??

your a peckerless idiot

hope you get the next one done soon this was great


OH MY GOD, your back?! I'm a huge killfrog fan and i had thought for a while that your were just done with it all, and never comming back. its good to see you making more material. Keep up the good work, and keep the twisted humor. I love it.

Tijuana really was a plan after all

Demons have neither penises nor navels, but they now have expressive eyes. I hope we meet with Ed's murdered boss again since he is the chosen one.