Reviews for "Ed & his inner demons #3"

ok not bad but

I really like where your going with how you made the demons a lot more sane then one would think, the whole jerk/idiot duo is usually a great combination and i really like all the crazy crap running around i his head...that lil triple faced thing scares the hell out of me though, the humor of the demons not even knowing what it is only makes it better.

keep going with the jokes that make you think to get the punch line...um the best example was the taco guy and the "ok we need to find a bathroom" gag, that was great.

good luck with 4, the only thing i can suggest as some two bit viewer with an even cheaper opinion is find some common ground with who your going to focus on, like how your making more of a story with the demons and the actions in his head vs what we see ed doing. so far i like how its more about the demons and the ed stuff seems more for immediate shock and end result humor. just don't let yourself fall the way adult swim did and just do silly random crap for the sake of being silly and random, the world needs clever humor.

holy hell

ive been w8ing 4 this 1 4 ever!!!!!!!!

Pretty damn funny

You really did some work there. I hop I see your toon on Cartoon Network sometime. Adult Swim is the shit.


this was really kool great animation and audio that was awesome

Awesome Sauce !!

Animation is awesome....and so funny !! I await episode 4 !! YAY!!