Reviews for "Ed & his inner demons #3"


didnt think kill frog excisted anymore cause he stopped maing cartoons for a long time but im glad to see he has resufaced cause i love that sight now just hopeing stickdeath.com comes back :(

kevinswearingen responds:

yep, I'm back building killfrog shows again, going into a new direction. I missed doing it. can't make annny cash off of it but fuck it... it's to fun to build these. might only be able to do it on the side due to cash flow.

i miss stick death too!

beware of donkey shows

this series is awsome. i truely hope it continues for many many episodes

Not bad.

Well written and with some ok animation. The lipsinc sucks a little...

Its ok to say the least, though it is lacking in the humor department.

kevinswearingen responds:

hum.... good feed back, problem is I'm one guy building these things. Just can invest the time into lipsinc'ing. on the humor.. couple people have said that... going to give it some thought before building #4

I like writing reveiws

This is awsome, and i said that so people don't mark this as useless!!!!!! Have a nice day. Unless ur chinese. Then its have a crowded over populated night and score some asain twins for the team eh?

I am SO glad to see your latest! BIG fan!

GREAT job -- love your work! so glad to see you release another ep!!!!! keep 'em coming!!!

kevinswearingen responds:

thanks jato! I miss your shows...... please build a new one!