Reviews for "Ed & his inner demons #3"


Now i'm going to watch the other ones!

lol o wow

those little red devils are hilarious

Pretty Good!

I'm guessing this is based on the screwtape letters?

kevinswearingen responds:

god i hope not? what the hell are the screwtape letters?

So, KillFrog is back!

Well done, yet again, Kevin!

Haven't been to lively over your cartoons too lately, but it's good to see you are back!

Ed seemed a little too compitant this time... what happened? Did all those Margaritas and Bunnies "go to his head"?

Anyways, it's great to see you are making cartoons again, and I hope to see some more, if you choose to continue!


kevinswearingen responds:

lol, thanks, this on is all a set up for #4. i'm still shaking the dust off of my skills. I'm going to try to nail the next one.

thanks man

The taco .... xD

omg this was just awsome i give it 10/10 :P