Reviews for "Ed & his inner demons #3"

Truly Excellent

Great graphics, great story concept. This is good enough to be on Adult Swim tv.

The happy thoughts need some backup though - by themselves they are no match for the imps. Maybe an alliance with the ass maggots is on the cards ?

I hope that you make many many more episodes !

Work on the pacing and get some background music.

Out of 1 and 2 which the pacing just made me bored.
The humor is kind of dry cept that t-shirt joke.

Now to 3 where the artwork has obviously improved.(10)
The humor has hit a 10 i actually laughed quite a bit.
However you still have work to do before i can consider these as great as they could be. You need to work on your pacing, You have a very slooooooooow pacing and good jokes are to far apart. This leads to a very slow and more harshly put "Boring" video. You have good idea and good humor. Your characters are great. More jokes, faster pace, and get yourself some background music to help fill in the slow moments where you want more storyline. This would help your videos so much. I have hope for you becoming one of my new newgrounds heroes. Just work on it!

Overall an 8.
But you could make it so much more.

LoOove it

it was awesome, so funny!!


look i never see that series its my firth time
the jokes is really good
the themons are awesome ^^
the history have sense with that two demons
exelent work ^^


OH MY GOD, your back?! I'm a huge killfrog fan and i had thought for a while that your were just done with it all, and never comming back. its good to see you making more material. Keep up the good work, and keep the twisted humor. I love it.