Reviews for "Ed & his inner demons #3"


Nice way to turn crude into funny. The penis bit was hilarios! and your animation for the demons was unique wand wonderful. Keep up the good work.


sweet vid


Not one of your best works.... but I suppose you got to give it some plot, right?

You're older then the internet, you can do better, right?

Great job!!!

This is a great and original idea, congratulations it´s really great, just try not to extend some of the scenes too much, i started to lose it when the demons talked for such a long time, and BTW that taco is not how a taco looks like (im´from mexico so i do know :D) that´s more the idea of a taco that taco bell created.
anyway great job!!!

You are a peckerless... idiot

luv it! im going to have to use that one hahahhaha!