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Reviews for "LRD: Rebirth"

First thought I had was,

Battle on? It's that much alike. except battle on was better.

This was average though.


I actually wanted to like this game. I enjoyed playing it and actually finished the challenge mode. It's obvious you've ripped off almost the entire thing from adventure quest though so definitely nothing original here. I wanted to like it, but there were just so many small things that irked me and detracted from the playing experience.

Firstly, the scrolling is highly annoying. As is all the tiny little buttons. And the menu accessing requiring me to click everything. If you're going to make a scroller with a mouse, do away with the buttons and just have the screen scroll when the mouse is near the edge of the screen. It makes things so much more pleasant. And if you're making a menu style combat interface, have it scroll up automatically without me needing to click everything. It gets annoying fast.

But my ultimate solution to this entire problem is that you should really think about implementing hotkeys on the keyboard for this game. It speeds things up so much and makes things so much less tedious. Just some simple hotkeys - arrow keys for scrolling, R for the repeat skill thing, A for attack etc etc.

And there definitely needs to be more of a damage vs armor calculator going on here. The only difference in enemies was that they dealt more damage and they had more life. And the damage was the exact same number each and every time. There is a reason why most games implement a damage range, so as to make it less predictable. This one had me deal the exact same damage each and every time to every single monster regardless of what they were and how strong they were. Armor class or something needs to be a bigger factor here to make it more diverse in combat.

I think you should flip the whole game the other way round. Make the story the longer battles instead of the individual island conquering. Make that whole chain of battles the main story. That would've been much more interesting. And then you can add a sub quest area and stuff.

Lastly the game could've been a lot more difficult and competitive. With more leveling up to do and more training fights to play. With this, the game passed by too quick. And even though you made a 'Challenge' mode at the end to try and get players to play a little longer, it was not much of a 'Challenge' at all. Far too easy and too repetitive once your weapon level reached 15 or so.

And the armor levels really didn't do anything.

I feel a little disappointed because this could've been so much more instead of what it is.

Just wow.

I was under the impression that artists get BETTER over time.
The art work has remained the same as when you began, if not become worse for wear, and though the idea was a novel concept at first, it's dragged on for 6 years now. You nixed the customization and the interactivity in use of different weapons or even how they fight, and the battle menu is a ballbuster to go through when it seems like you could have just left some simple options out there to sift through.

I understand it's a remake, but that doesn't mean it has to look and function the same as a game so outdated. After all, the point is Rebirth, not Resubmission, right?