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Reviews for "LRD: Rebirth"


i maxed out everyting but something glitched and i was not rewarded points for spells health 6700 49875 xp 4450 strength only spell i got was defend otherwise it kept resetting kinda dissapointing id like to see what they all do can you do anything about it?

good game

this is a good game, there is that glitch with the pets but was still very enjoyable.
would like to see a part 2

nice remake

was mostly everything i thought it would be but...where is the character customizer?


i like your review thereviewguy but i dont see how its alike to adventure quest, i play it but i dont see similar things other than the battle system, and if thats what your complaning about, there are a ton of games with that same battle system, and if your going to say that they compied adventure quest then about 68 more rpgs i know compied adventure quest

the guy is weird

the guys face and hair looks retarded when u lose