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Reviews for "LRD: Rebirth"


i beat this game in 50 minutes i defeated hades and conquered all islands.I got all the badges and everything


i found a glitch in the game, click on the bbattle goblin then click cancel, check ur pet!


Great job! this is a really fun and addictive game that got me going! I 100% the game with all acheivements, lvl 100, 50 on armor, and 52 on weapon in 2 hours and 45 minutes, beat that!

-Skullitron333 aka Skellitor301

best game played!!!!!!!

Man these games are the best! What's your next one?


I give 10 stars but i lost my lvl 922,102 charactorT-T.AND IT TOOK ME OVER 2 YEARS OF GAMEPLAY TO GET TO THAT LVL!!!!!!!!!!!YOU NEED ABOUT 2 MIL EXP JUST TO LEVEL UP ONCE AT THAT LVL!