Reviews for "Artillery Defense"

much of the same

This game is fun, but there really isnt much to distinguish it in a sea of tower/turret defense games.

Just meh

The song really isnt that much but it was really put alot of effort in it.
I really dont know but it didnt really attract me :/

Good but..

too easy. lol Also you need to fix the sounds so it's not so annoying.

Personal fav

So far, this has got to be one of my favorite tower defense games. Solid, easy to learn, and relatively exciting. However, there gets to a point where you hit a wall: your defense is basically perfect and you're sustaining NO damage, but the amount of enemies coming eventually makes the internet crash.


I was in the middle of downloading something for college too...

95000 pts and the 85th wave. You got me going, I'll admit, but as someone below pointed out this game feels more like the start of something else we hope will come because this, in itself, is rather pointless.

We'll see what you come up with.


Pretty good

It's a fn game, good mechanics, although I'm not sure why you included a Blast Radius stat as they are all N/A, even the area things like the nuke. I found it fun to play. However, it does need more maps, and some attempt at storyline would be appreciated. Incidentally, I made it to level 109.