Reviews for "CatFat Episode 2"

Nice one!

but the Menu with Subtitles and the menu buttom is not so good
i don't see it but there was :P
maybe you can your logo of you and when you rollover then comes a Menu
thats meybe better
but the animation is good ;D
I love it :D

(sorry for my sloppy enlish)


CatFat responds:

no problem!
i think you might be referring to the in - movie buttons?
If so, i did consider making them totally invisible but i thought people might not find them or something..maybe if i do another i will have them completely invisible until you roll over them ;)
really appreciate the review! ;D

I liked it

it was quiet funny and well animated but the voices didnt fit sometimes but it could by my crappy internet connection too :/
Overall i enjoyed watching this!
Keep up the good work

CatFat responds:

i think you might be reffering to the sync, it is true that they are slightly out of line, it happened when i had to rearrange the animation to make it faster, it became less precise :P
thanks for the review!!

is he a suppository?

sexual innuendo's aside that was masterfully executed. my only problem was the voice acting, some parts seemed like they should have been louder or at least have a difference between when they are screaming and when they are not because it just seems like they are over-acting

CatFat responds:

thanks for the review!
yeah about the voices, i was affraid to actually shout into the mic when i was recording, because my neighbors a mad man and we have seriously hollow walls, so it would be embarrassing shouting the same line ten times for all to hear :P
i'll try to overcome it though, if i ever make another flash


I didn't get it but it was still kinda funny especially catfat....

CatFat responds:

there was nothing much to get, but thanks for the review