Reviews for "CatFat Episode 2"

This is..

A masterpice everything is ideal, this is great, keep the good work up

CatFat responds:

Thanks very much i will!!

Not bad

The only thing I didn't really like was the Voice acting when they shout they should sound like their shouting :P But other then that this was pretty neat, good work.

CatFat responds:

yah i know, i was afraid to actually shout into the mic, it was embarrassing, i'll try to overcome it next time!
thanks for the review!

Finally Another One

Well done, once again! The art has increased in quality, smoother transitions, and I just realiazed something... Mr. Thin sounds a little bit like Killface from Frisky Dingo (if you've ever seen that). Anyways, bottom line, keep up the good work!

CatFat responds:

lool no i haven't seen that but i will check it out!
thanks for watching AND reviewing! :D


I loved it's humour the whole concept of m.r.think sneaking into catfats house just to tidy up also I like the turtle dude

definately should have the turtle dude as a recurring joke kinda thing!

robin should be more ......interesting or something he seemed a bit lame
like why was m.r. thin interested infatuated with him if he's such a yawn?
other than that the characters were well developed

I think m.r. thin should be the main character yet keep the title as cat fat it's cool that way

perhaps work on your flash technique and style to clean up the graphics a little
the voice acting really made the flash although the quality was lacking a little it was still really good

can't wait for the next one keep up the good work

CatFat responds:

hehe thanks!
i think i will make the turtle a recurring joke, sounds good! ;)
I'm glad you liked the concept!
Robin was the newest character i've written so, yeah his personality isn't quite as developed as the rest, i agree, i'll see what i can do to maybe spice him up a bit!
as for the visuals, they can always be improved! :D
thanks very much for taking the time to review!


So brilliantly animated and a heap of the scenes were also very well written. The characters have personality! And Mr. Thins gay!?

Catfat was def the funniest character in this episode based on his voice and little expressions
i was happy to watch this over and over

CatFat responds:

haha, thanks you did a Fantastic job with your part, seriously!
Mr Thin maybe gay, maybe not...maybe it's just adoration :P
I know in future i should definitely include more CatFat himself as everyone seems to share your opinion!
thanks for the review and score and everything!