Reviews for "CatFat Episode 2"

BLUE Score

My Computer Hecked 5 Times Till Now This
Is The 5th Time It's Gonna Load

CatFat responds:

lol what?
thanks for the rating! :D

It`s so .......

CoOoOoOoOol love it .... ;D
I loved everything your awesome :)

CatFat responds:

hehe, thanks alot!

Well done

I loved this video. The voice acting was brilliant, the animation was really great, and the characters are all unique and cool. 5/5; should have a higher score than 3.85.

CatFat responds:

Thanks alot!
i only wish it was viewed a bit more :P

Great work!

It's been so long since the first one, it was great to see these characters again. They seem much more fleshed out now, and as always the animation is all quality keyframes. Thanks for creating and sharing such unique work.

CatFat responds:

thank you for enjoying it!
i'll try make some more sooner than it took last time :P

Cool movie

Well I think the animation is (just like SuperSuperKLC already said) awesome^^
I also agree with bluebomberino,except for the thing that you should shout into your microphone...
I think that you really need a more proffesional mic to do that,cause I could sometimes heard that "blow" after you finished a word.

except for this little audio problem,keep up the good work!^^

CatFat responds:

yeah maybe i need to get one of those fluffy things to put on it :S
thanks for the review!!! :D