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Reviews for "Resident Evil Pwanchi Pt3"


i just noticed that this time Rebecca corrected Chris about it being team Alpha.....wasn't it Bravo? Just curious.

cyotecody555 responds:

Nah, Chris' section is called alpha team, Rebecca's is Bravo ;)


i guess barry has made a friend with a sandwich...i guess

lol XD

barry is retarted ? who n the hell would talk 2 a fucking sandwitch & say they got aids ? man idk whos retard. . . ish chris , barry or fucking rico ...


nice vids man lol at the person under me


Take this grenade. You'll be fine.

Chris is exactly who I was playing those games. I have ADHD, and I would shout the wrong names out when I saw stuff. "Oh shit Hunters! ... Wait, Lickers?... Bities? Hell I don't care I'll just shoot the F'ers and sort it out later!"