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Reviews for "Resident Evil Pwanchi Pt3"

Not bad.

Overall, not a bad job. The characters look slightly simplistic, but the animation is nice and smooth, so I don't hold it against you. However, all the characters being stupid gets a little old. If only a few of the characters were idiots, then those moments might be a bit funnier. The elements you brought in from the game are nice. A lot of this movie really FEELS like Resident Evil, so good job on that. One mistake I noticed was that Chris said he was part of triangle team, and Rebecca corrected him, saying it was alpha. In Greek letters, the triangle is delta. Apart from that, I didn't notice any glaring mistakes.

cyotecody555 responds:

Um.....when that triangle joke was written....that had nothing to do with Greek letters? lol and only 2 out of 6 characters in this are noticeably idiots so heh?

nice to know some1 appreciates resident evil

nice the graphics might have been....simplified. character ez to draw


Nice work dude.