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Reviews for "Resident Evil Pwanchi Pt3"

... yes chris is retarded

for all that played RE5 play as Sheva and give Chris an Ak or Mp5 and he'll run out of ammo so fast you'll get whipflash and take so many health items that he may be addicted...

my own personal thoughts aside i gotta say i like this one the most, it made me smile, laugh, and remember my time with the RE series.

It's good.

Not as good as the next part, but great voice acting and ok animation.

Why always the sandwiches...

Chris has short term memory loss.

That was hillarious! Poor Chris. You people hate him, so u make him such an idiot. rofl

chris u retard!!!

lol i luv how u made chris a retard!!!


ROLFMAO guy with mustache in creepy PooP cave Priceless