Reviews for "Resident Evil Pwanchi Pt3"

I wish there was a pause button. This is a pretty long cartoon. Oh now I recognize Rina-chan! I admit I'm not the biggest fan of these cartoons. They're still funny, though. The set up is quite nice.

Well, I haven't been following this series. I haven't even been following "Resident Evil". Wait, the flash isn't that long. I was just looking at the wrong part or something. The animation style is nice and goofy.

Well this is just damn funny, but I wonder why Chris and Rebecca made their presence known when they saw Wesker backing away from Lisa Trevor.

this is almost like left4speed!

uhnm what happened to steve and clair

and black guy and leon, the story just changed completly

dammit know i feel like playing RE remake

barry's smug face too funny to take seriously