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Reviews for "Xenospace: Survivor"


But a little awkward. Would be cool if you could switch from the scientist following you to the scientist heading on his own way, because once there are monsters all over you need to circle the scientist to keep him safe, but then you don't move forward.


Would have been awesome with mouse control. Graphics are very good, did not play long because of the repetition factor though.

very gd game. but...

the graphics are wonderful and the game play is a good but it gets boring with the same creatures coming all the time and that u do the same thing all the time. so its not ten material sorry

Cool graphics sound and well optimized

It was a very smooth running game with so many decals and monsters on the level, the game was nice looking as well, and i like the techy-metal song in it. I found it got repedative and i ended up letting my person die at level 5 because of it. Also all the guns seem to do the exact same thing, none are really better to have than the others, half of the game i used the chainsaw due to its ease of use.

Very slick

pretty cool graphics, nice selection of guns. u can unlock all guns in first level itself.!!!! kinda easy though.