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Reviews for "Torpedo Submarine Battles"

there is one big thing I didn't like

I'm not a fan of how the enemy can shoot twice as fast as you can, it actually urks me quite a bit

nice Idea..

But I missed some sound-effects and something like a career-mode, where you can improve weapons and speed for example.
It was very hard to aim and flee, because you are only able to shoot straight ahead.

This was OK.

Sound effects would have been nice.

Tadimo responds:

Sounds effects would have indeed been nice.

They'll probably be added in the sequel; it might actually be best to think of the first few games released so far as "prototypes".

As I'm trying populate my new site with my own content I've had to work with narrow deadlines in order to get the site up to speed as quickly as possible.

As a result however there have been some elements from the games that could have been refined further, rest assured though that I'll try to implement as many improvements in future games as time allows.

Needs work.

The game isn't bad, but could be WAY better.

In my opinion, the submarine's speed going backwards and forwards does not relate to the speed turning around. Also, a health bar would help a lot. Sound effects could create a better a experience for the player as well, and the background music gets very tiring after the first 5 seconds.

Tadimo responds:

Would you recommend that the music be more subdued next time?


Not good..I wxspected more...


Tadimo responds:

Commenting on possible improvements could lead to further improvement in future games.