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Reviews for "Torpedo Submarine Battles"


this game is not fun at all. the enemy subs shoot through boats, twice as fast as you and in all directions which kinda makes it a little unfair, sound is annoying, and navigation is poor

Tadimo responds:

I've rechecked the code and the reload time (in number of frames) for enemy submarines and destroyers is 40 frames with random variance of 5 frames +/-. The player's submarine however always has a reload time of 30 frames. The only ships that can reload faster are the battleship and missile cruiser however they cannot target submarines.

Also all destroyers and submarines use the same "torpedo" projectile.

I'm not sure how it can seem that enemy subs shoot faster than the player.

All submarines can only shoot forward, it is only the surface ships that can fire in all directions.

I decided to let the destroyer fire in all directions to act as a balance to its vulnerability (lowest health of all ships, equal to submarines while being hit by all weapons). Destroyers are also known for their anti-submarine ability.

Could you also be more specific about the navigation?