Reviews for "Flash: The Basics"


thanks for using my song;)
glad you used it :)
nice flash, great to help people out :)

PlayTheGame responds:

thanks and welcome


I was just going to ask how to put music in, thanks for the help!

PlayTheGame responds:



How do I deal with the sound import file size? I imported a small MP3 and it ballooned up to 11.3 Mb/

PlayTheGame responds:

you have to download a file compressor. look up ultimate psp converter. thats the program i use at times

love it!

only two topics, but an excellent simple guide (on doing simple things) great job. 5/5 10/10.

PlayTheGame responds:

atleast someone gets on what i was trying to do


You should specify the ActionScript you're using or you're going to have poor AS3 users incredibly confused and frustrated.

Also, those aren't the 'first things every animator needs to know'. They're good to know, but people need to learn things like tweens and other actual animation first.

PlayTheGame responds:

well yeah yo do have a point