Reviews for "Nath Milburn Stabs A Duck"


Not much going for it since it's just showing how a guy could go psycho at any point given a knife but It's definately not something crappy that's for sure!

The duck that turned into a flamingo and then.. back to a duck, I guess! Poor duck, too, though seems the death was quick and painful... he doesn't react at all. Or maybe he's immune to knives. Hope so.



The backround music really helped to get that psychotic and twisted feeling so sadly i expected someting even more crazy. Great flash tho.

Cool Movies

Cool little flash film here even as old as it is, its still a funny little film, some graphics could have more detail, and there could be more details all around, but I still found this one to be entertaining, so keep doing what you do best and keep making us fun films like this.

Some smoother and improved graphics a lil more detail here and there.



Quite interesting considering what the duck might mean...

Then again, I could once again be reading too deeply into these things to find some sort of rationalized meaning ¬¬