Reviews for "Nath Milburn Stabs A Duck"

Sweet flash

I liked this little flash you made here,the animation was simple yet solid and i loved the music that went with it,the duck was pretty tripped out and seeing Nate stab the duck was crazy as well,overall this was a neat flash to watch and i enjoyed it.

Nath's a cool guy.

The drawings were amazing, the music really fitted the story.
All in all an amazing movie.

Surely you don't mean that...

I can only assume that Nathaniel is okay with this representation of him.
All in all, everyone has a dark side.
The fits of psychosis is sometimes overpowering.
But his animation...I'm not sure if it's an insult or just a joke.


Not much going for it since it's just showing how a guy could go psycho at any point given a knife but It's definately not something crappy that's for sure!

room for improvement

There's a lot going for this animation, but i think you would do well to pick up the pace, and maybe add a little more detail; but other than that I'd say it was fine.