Reviews for "Nath Milburn Stabs A Duck"

Not bad.

Kinda' interesting. The music was a perfect fit, that's for sure. Kinda' creepy in a neat way. Naturally, it could've been longer. But it's okay even a little short. :-)

8 just for the creepy factor.

Nuff said

Ha ha!

I fukken lol'd. Duck stabbin'. Good times.

This Is My Review. It's A Cool Flash.

Everyone has that breaking point where they just go maniac on someone/thing. Nath Milburn's was displayed in a decent animation that reminded me of those anti-weed commercials with the dog, and are accompanied with wierd psychodelic music which without a preloader to stop repeating, could get quite repetitve.
It's a real shame too. That duck was cool.

$ $ $
3 Stabs out of 5
-Review Request Club: This Is the RRC. It's a cool club (I Guess)

Sweet flash

I liked this little flash you made here,the animation was simple yet solid and i loved the music that went with it,the duck was pretty tripped out and seeing Nate stab the duck was crazy as well,overall this was a neat flash to watch and i enjoyed it.