Reviews for "Nath Milburn Stabs A Duck"

Lacks Substance.

Your video really was exactly what you said it was and nothing more.

Animation was nice and the music fit well.
It was nice a cute and all, just really nothing to it.

I LOVE Daniel Johnston.

Good flash, definitely the right amount of strange. Gotta give a big thumbs up to the choice of music. Daniel Johnston is the perfect choice for things like this.


The backround music really helped to get that psychotic and twisted feeling so sadly i expected someting even more crazy. Great flash tho.

Nath's a cool guy.

The drawings were amazing, the music really fitted the story.
All in all an amazing movie.

hey there nikko

it's funny that if you would've made the same flash but with tommy de fulpy instead of nath it would get the greatest score ever. and why didn't you put in the awesome drawing you posted at CN?

FrozenSheep responds:

I could pretty much say that thats tom fulp.
Since him and nath have somewhat similar haircuts.