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Reviews for "Monopoly Reality"

lester square!

oh hohohohohohohohohohoho.can that be done in real live? its worth a try!

(title in work)

Quite funny overall to see good commentary on how silly the game of Monopoly is. The drawings were quite nice, and the animations were good, though I feel it needed a bit more than just two guys wavering back and forth the whole time. Also, the ending was humorous, but I feel that it was still a bit abrupt.


I believe this is the first time i seen a monopoly parody flash before but this was hilarous,everything those two were saying was hilarous speaking like eccentric brits so overall this was pretty unique.

LOL will i do what he told me not to? Maybe!

Manlove? Yush! This was fantastic! I dont evin know why! its just so cool! LESTAH SQUAAARE!

Fuck u

Fuck im addicted to ur fuking video ahh its too funny i love it u neeeeeeeeeeed to make more of these!