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Reviews for "Guardian Rock"

Great Game

Very addictive and challenging game. Its a king of game that I enjoy, because of the beautiful and simpliful graphics and the challenges.

Gameplay great, but it's not the best part...

The best part, I have to say, is the music! I just love the music in this game. Like Pintassilgo, I must ask: is there any way to get it? Other then the fantastic music, the game exhibited fun gameplay with the frequent introduction of new concepts and challanges, many levels (and twice as much if you felt like buying them, which I didn't), and good graphics and suitable animation. But the sound (both the music and the SFX) was top notch, and it just felt like the big-ass maraschino cherry on top of an already great game!


Man, is such a simple gameplay, yet a great game!!

im a fail

i cant even paly da game:(:P


It's a fun puzzle game. Didn't get to play all 48 levels but atleast I've tried the first 25. Can't say it's too hard or too easy, there were a few levels that were simply introductional to the new blocks and some levels that actually makes you think.