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Reviews for "Guardian Rock"

it's awesome

it's nice n unique (in a way). I say in a way because the way you play is similar when you go to the ice gym when you play pokemon. you have to slide to these rocks in order to get to the leader. you just added to that and say "you have to mash these people first before you get to the leader" the artwork is so nostalgic, it's amazing.

I just wanna you, did you get your inspiration from that pokemon mini game or was it just a coincidence? :P
(anyone else notice this game was like the ice gym in pokemon? :P)


I keep getting stuck! I am an idiot!

In my opinion...

That was a perfect game. Extremely well executed; great graphics, sound effects, game idea, design, and progressive difficulty. It's really something you would expect to play on a console more so than a flash game. What great is that you took an already existing game mechanic and totally made it your own, making destroying objects (in this case people) not optional, as well as making them MOVE which is in itself a stroke of genius.

Great stuff. The little details really made it all come alive.

Like I said, a perfect game. Wish I could pull together something so
tight in every way.

-Coolio 10/10

Fuck mario


I truely enjoyed this game.

I really enjoyed this game, it brought out my puzzle solving side, and really confused me, this is a game really worthy of respect, many puzzle games i have played have been far too simple, but this one really got me thinking hard.

Well done, Congratulations, you just made my brain explode all over my walls. LOL. but really, this is super cool!