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Reviews for "Guardian Rock"


yet addicting. Kind of has a classic feel to it. Great job

i love these games

i like these but i had to give up on lvl 38


I accidently skeeted to this game oops

good game

its gotta hurt being crushed by a giant rock btw (by the way) nice game

awesome game

got through all 48 lvls.
I can only think of a few things to make this better:
-have more levels :P (and add more levels with multiple ways of winning)
-for the key have (s) next to it, in case someone gets to the last level and wants to use the key but couldnt remember the button (me)
-have the music change as you progress in the game
-have the blocks change to a different shade of color as you progress
-when the things are talking let the player hit space (dont time it) because sometimes I wasnt paying attention during some talking scenes and missed it, or I hit space as soon as it transitioned thus skipping a whole page of reading

besides that very fun game (p.s. if you did those suggestions in the expansion i dont know, I didnt do those expansions).

Just an FYI this is a game I can see people paying ($5ish) to play. Keep up the good work.