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Reviews for "Guardian Rock"



Excellent !

Challenging, But not too much !
Loved the graphics etc. controls , music, difficulty all of this game was just right !
10/10, & 5/5
Brilliant !


Loved it. Especially the music. Any musicians out there who can tab it for guitar for me? been working on it all day with very little success. Thanks.
Great game. Keep up the good work.

great :D

love the game, pretty decent music, and i love how it reminds me of the pokemon game for the game boy colour (well, at least the ones where you have to slide on ice to get to certain points)

I threw a ROCK at 'im!

Almost got 'im.

Well, maybe I'll finish this later. Hi there. Nice puzzling puzzle game you got there. Easy controls, simple goal (Kill all the explorers!), and a cumulative difficulty. it makes sense, it flows nicely, and you can pause it. I call that decently good. I'm surprised, actually, that I didn't see this before. Maybe I don't pay enough attention. Sorry about that. Anyway, it's a good game. And eventually, I'll finally beat it.

*Does a Joker laugh*