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Reviews for "Guardian Rock"


Good idea for a game :) Its normally like your the 'indiana jones' type character. But no, this shows you what REALLY happens to Indiana Jones ;) Great gameplay, great music. Im just stuck on level 5 xD

torpedolab responds:

Hey, glad you like it! If you're really stuck you can press S to use a key. This will kill all explorers and open the exit. You can only do this once per gameplay however. Good luck


i ate rock with the poo pooo yuck

I Loved it!

It was very mind jogging plus the little guys look like Indie which i thought was a nice touch. and I laughed ma arse off when u get close to the guys and they get scared and run away. i gave up after lvl 38. i get the 1st 3 guys easily i just dont know how to get the last 2 T_T, anyway awesome game, and keep it up i cant wait for the next one ( and please dont dumb it down for the idiots who cant get passed lvl 7)


so its a love story... :P
indeed the last level was the hardest.

even thou i always expect the last level to be the hardest, i dont encounter it as much in puzzle games. (maybe the perception of "difficult" differs between the progammer and myself)

but this is one exception. well deserving of 10/10 and 5/5


I agree with mock30. Da truth is theres nothin wrong with da game.Kamiboorei just has a crappy computer.Dis game is pretty cool.
And as for Kamiboorei, i advice u to buy a new computer.