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Reviews for "Guardian Rock"

This game is rly good!

Good puzzle game imo! Many levels, not too easy and not too hard.

just 1 question, how rock can "die" if it hits wooden spears? :3


Very challangeing puzzle. And to useres below me, it's not the game that gets stuck on seven it's YOU!! I'm on level twenty nine so far.

Wonderful music, fun puzzle/action gameplay

Despite some of my fellow reviewers complaining about the difficulty of the levels please dont believe them. If you take just a few seconds to think a level through you can usually pass through it with ease. the learning curve is gentle adding new traps and ghost walls as you go along and then throwing them at you all at once for the final level, which is the only level that requires any real skill. Also I recommend you turn up your speakers, because if your anything like me, you will love this games well put together soundtrack. This game is long however so expect to invest some time in this. I only stop short of a ten out of ten because the map packs and most customizations cost real currency it seem. Even so dont let that detract from your experience playing this wonderful game!

great game!

why can't I access the store? :S

epic !!!!!!!!!

i give nine because of the LAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!