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Reviews for "Guardian Rock"

freezes fer me too

like slowbro down there, i finished the game and after pressing spacebar, the screen is all grey.

is there meant to be some epic ending sequence? or is that it.

torpedolab responds:

Yeah, both of you are right, something has gone wrong. I'll look at it right away, will post when its updated! Thanks to you too for confirming this.

EDIT: Its been updated. However, it seems to take some time to refresh on NG, dunno why, but it should work in a while.

hard puzzle...

really love the graphics, would love to see this quality in a rpg flash game...


this game was great honestly the hardest thing about it was level 48 cause i had to use the key t win but other than that awesome game i really liked the cool bit soundtrack and the gamplay reminded me of the ice caves in pokemon games i wonder if thats coincedence......


cant click play on my computer but i played on moms comp and it was awsome


Great graphics,excellent gameplay that requires alot of thinking,pretty tricky at some parts.The music is good too.I've nothing more to say,just fantastic!