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Reviews for "Guardian Rock"

nice game

man you sure made level 48 hard but it would have ben nice if the game had an ending
i finish the level, the level explodes, i see my score, i press space bar, and the game freezes since i'm so awesome???
don't know why you didn't bother to fix this. :(
other wise fun game spent over an hour playing it 10/10

torpedolab responds:

Hey, sorry about that - it wasn't that i "didn't bother". I haven't heard of the problem until now. It works fine here. I'm gonna look into it, thanks.

Loved every bit of it!

Strong sense of good ol' Amiga flavour in it (can you say Rick Dangerous?) with the chippie music in it.

The concept is strong, clean and simple and makes for a very addictive game, well done! 5/10


the Music is very addicting.

New game, but feels like an old classic.

The visuals on your games are FANTASTIC! And gameplay is SOLID. I'll be expecting more top quality content in the future from you. with just two games, I think you have already become a NG legend. This game is awesome. Great sound track, irresistibly cute visuals, and good accessible game play.

This is really great what you've done. You've taken the "thwomp" concept, and turned it into it's OWN GAME!! Seriously thinking outside the box!! I love it all! super fun! So many awesome concepts... and everything is nostalgia-inducing.

Keep up the great work.


graphics and sound = 10