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Reviews for "Guardian Rock"

Nice game

I remember playing a game called Excit based on the same puzzle concept.
This is a nicely made version of the same concept with ancient temple theme.


i really liked this game. it was great but..... seriously, why do that mochocoin crap. it pisses me off. i remeber playing a zombie game and thats the same thing what hapened. and from reading other reveiws, the mochocoins are a big no no. get rid of them and oyu could score so high. so im taking 5 points off your 10

Alright, but too Mochi-linked

This honestly would score a lot higher, if 1) the puzzle difficulty didn't spike so badly (by only level 7 I was already getting so stuck I could not do a thing to reach the exit), and 2) if it almost wasn't -required- that you spent these mochicoins or however you spell it, just to get stuff like keys to help finish the game.

The gameplay itself is rather awesome, if simple. It's just too darn easy to get stuck or lost and be totally unable to play. I mean seriously.. by level -7- it's already brain-bendingly hard? With people mentioning at least 30 levels, that's just unacceptable. This kind of difficulty shouldn't hit until at least level 15-20!


This game has a wonderful concept & i hope it makes the all-time list very soon.

its challenge

i cant pass the 30 level and you can only move intil you hit something