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Reviews for "Guardian Rock"

too hard

Its really not bad, i like most games with the similar gameplay this is just too hard for me lol

piss me off

lower the difficulty by 10 fold..couldnt even get bast the like 5th level. retarted. but a good idea...rrrrrr.


Yeah so theres no absolute way to finish level 7 without using a key....

good game,,,,, but

well i dont like the fact that this game is very commercialized, the game itself though is nice. great music... eventhough its just one track.

the difficulty isnt that hard so its a nice game to play for some time if you have nothing to do :P

Great game

The retro styling was probably my favorite part of the game. I dig puzzle games and even though I got stuck on one level, I wouldn't call this a hard game. Some boards you just have to sit and think for a little bit before you move but they're all possible. Nothing in this game was "mind-bendingly difficult" as one reviewer claimed. Overall I would call this a great game, and a wonderfully addictive time-killer.