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Reviews for "Guardian Rock"

Good Stuff

Fun visuals and audio. Nice old skool feel. Gameplay is simple and effective. Gets you thinkin but not to where you want to beat your brains out tryin to figure it out. The hints introducing new elements in the game (like spear walls or magic arrows) are easy to miss tho if you're not paying attention. Not that it's hard to figure out what stuff is, but maybe a pop up you have to ok before moving on would be more effective than a scrolling message at the bottom of the screen.


What a great friggen game!

awesome game

a bit easy but still good


Great Puzzle-Game!
Love the Retro-Style and the Cool Music :3

Ancient Block is my Hero X3

Great Game

Just finished the game without using any keys. I love these kind of puzzle games they really keep me challenged to beat them. Thanks for the brain exercise.