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Reviews for "Guardian Rock"


It's a fun puzzle game. Didn't get to play all 48 levels but atleast I've tried the first 25. Can't say it's too hard or too easy, there were a few levels that were simply introductional to the new blocks and some levels that actually makes you think.

nice graphics

its pretty good but i didnt finish it

Sweet old school graphic!

I cant play the game well, but hell, the graphic is sweet, and the gameplay is smooth, well done.

great premise and excecution!

i really like this game, but I'm god awful at it.

what gets me is the idea itself. it painted a great picture in my head of what was going on and within minutes i was crushing those bastard archeologists.

the execution is really slick as well. looks good and plays really well.

i don't know if i'm just an idiot or it's hard but i got stuck easily. it's most likey my fault, i just wish i was better so i could see more of the damn thing.

super work all in all. thanks for a cool game!

Rock on

Alright. Bit boring after a while