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Reviews for "Guardian Rock"


reminds me of some of those ice skating puzzles in the old pokemon gmes

plain awesome

This has to be one of the favourite games of me i played on NG. The first levels where a little easy but as stated before the difficulty rises quick.
It would be awesome having this on my gameboy, haha.
Graphic wise it looks really good, clean and complete

Quite Possibly the best game of its type

Was expecting a tower defense, but instead its a puzzle game. Not the tetris kind, the kind where you have to plot your movements to get (or int his case kill) stuff and dodge the obstacles. Starts out really easy, diffaculty goes up slowly with the last 10 levels really being a bitch. Although this game doesn't really require reflexs, some levels (partiucrly the final level) DO require timing, since they make use of spirits (moving platforms) and other stuff.
Great game, and really makes you think. Pretty long to, even without the pay content, yet works for short sessions to

Great design

The archaeologists are perfect. Attacking them helps give an idea of where to move through the puzzle while providing their own challenge.

Also, the music is fantastic.

Trumps similar wall-to-wall puzzle games.

Epic Puzzle x]

Couldn' ask for a better puzzle game bro. Nice job!