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Reviews for "Guardian Rock"

The game wouldn't load for me. Wait, it did.

0 for games that don't even load to the starting screen. Not an issue with my computer. Checked other flash games after this one to make sure. But charging people money for games on Newgrounds is disgusting. We're not here to give you money, no matter how much time and effort a game took. This is Newgrounds! Not armorgames, not some scamming mmo not addicting games. It is NOT COOL. This is one of our last refuges from these types of games that rip people off. Oh, NOW the game loads after an ad that seemed to take this entire time to show up. Played it, changed my score. Excellent game, but not worth money when I could use that on an MMO. Stop bringing pay2play games on newgrounds!! Is NOTHING sacred anymore?! Btw, the bar was full the whole time it was loading. Good game, stop the greed. Just pump it full of ads.

Oh, the ice puzzles of yesteryear.

It felt like a Zelda puzzle, from the ice dungeons.
Graphics: 3/5
Game play: 4/5
Music/sound effects: 1.5/5
Having to pay, to continue on? 0/0

decent but not worth cash

like i said

Good but not $ good

Everyone's complaining about charging for content online. Seriously, guys, how are the programmers and artists supposed to get paid for their work otherwise? Advertising revenues are down, they've got to stay in the groove somehow.

What you SHOULD be complaining about is that they're charging to play THIS one. There are countless MMOs that can be played absolutely free and you want me to pay for expansion packs to a tedious game about moving a block around a screen? I mean, it isn't even the first time we've seen this, I've played this concept in different games two or three times before. There's only so far you can go with it, I was done with it at level 5, I can't imagine filling 45 levels with it and then charging for 24 more and 24 after that.

The real problem people are having with this, the one I sympathize with, is that when you tack on buyable extras, the feeling comes across that you didn't give us the whole game, and then the entire thing feels like a prolonged interactive commercial. This isn't as bad as, say, Youda Legend Amsterdam, but really, the whole thing makes me want to go play Toss The Turtle.

torpedolab responds:

Hey, and thanks for the review! I wanted to take the time to respond to this since you formulated your critique very well and I think you've hit the core issue. In my opinion, that's exatly what people should ask themselves, "am I willing to pay for this?"

I wouldn't expect, and don't want anyone to pay for anything in the game if they don't think that it's really good. Obviously this is not your type of game, and that's perfectly fine. You, and a lot of other people, can just play until you realize you don't like it, and move on. In fact, if they're not as sure as you of what they want in a game, they could play this game for hours before deciding that it isn't worth money. I think that's pretty fair, considering most game content is sold without any guarantees of how good the content will be in the buyers eyes. There's a great video rant by Destructoids Anthony Burch that I think is semi-related.

It is sad that people see games using this system as "half games" or commercials, and I don't know what to do about that. I can't respond for everyone who has been using the system, but I was happy with my game and was ready to release it when i decided to add some extra content. The way I see it, the 48 levels are the full game. I wouldn't be so stupid as to pretend I don't want to earn money off of my work, of course I want to make some money off of this, but I never compromised the free part of the game to do so.

Its an alright game..

But It's not the best puzzle game I've played. Maybe it just didn't interest me as much. I honestly clicking on the link thinking I'd be play a platformer as a giant guardian rock man.. then I was disappointed because it was a puzzle game.