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Reviews for "Guardian Rock"

great game!

why can't I access the store? :S


Nice simple game, love the artwork!!

To begin with

Could anyone tell me the name of the first song in the opening (when the backstory is being told). I'm on a quest to put together a CD of the greatest 8-bit music ever. It wouldn't be complete without that awesome tune in the very beginning. A link to a download would be better, but if I could just get the name, that'd be great, thanks in advance.

- - -

The game was awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenging puzzles, and the flawless level design combined with some seriously awesome tunes makes for a great game that lasts long in the memory. 10/10

Great Game! One Typo

Spelled "spirit" as "spririt" in the ending sequence. Other than that PERFECT!

I threw a ROCK at 'im!

Almost got 'im.

Well, maybe I'll finish this later. Hi there. Nice puzzling puzzle game you got there. Easy controls, simple goal (Kill all the explorers!), and a cumulative difficulty. it makes sense, it flows nicely, and you can pause it. I call that decently good. I'm surprised, actually, that I didn't see this before. Maybe I don't pay enough attention. Sorry about that. Anyway, it's a good game. And eventually, I'll finally beat it.

*Does a Joker laugh*