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Reviews for "Guardian Rock"

cant get past level 4!!! someone help pleeez!!!

omg!! this lvl is confusing

Kamiboorei = Fail

lol Kamiboorei => Fail

cool game and IT WORK perfectly

did i say Kamiboorei = Fail ?


I agree with mock30. Da truth is theres nothin wrong with da game.Kamiboorei just has a crappy computer.Dis game is pretty cool.
And as for Kamiboorei, i advice u to buy a new computer.


Awesome Game beautiful look and nice music! Very Fun!

I don't . . .

Understand why the several of the people below me had "useless" reviews . . . the buttons on the main screen DON'T WORK. I've tried clicking them over and over again but they don't do anything. How is someone supposed to play the game if you can't even click the buttons to start it?