Reviews for "Press Start: Mirror Match"


His password was the level select code for the first Sonic game... that's awesome.


Different and really cool!


this is hilarious

Excellent as always, Ed

Although I haven't seen the actual Press Start movie, the cartoons you have are a blast to watch. I noticed that Morgan La Slay not only parodies Morrigan Aensland in the arcade game, but also in the much maligned Darkstalkers cartoon. Visually, the drawings are not the best, and neither is the animation; however, the do get the point across and that is the way that it ought to be here on NG. The voice acting is excellent as usual, but I'd like to see what those minor characters like Kao Shan and the Psycho Mantis clone would sound like (I'm willing to bet that the PM clone would sound like Cutman from the mid-'90s Mega Man). This may not be as funny as earlier episodes, I still enjoyed it.

What I liked about this:
-Proper use of anticlimatic humor.
-Excellent voice acting
-Good continuity
-The cameos from the first season.
-Great lipsyncing

What I did not like:
-Repetitive visuals, but that doesn't matter when compared to the content.

Overall: Dark Maze studios, I am giving this episode a nine out of ten. However, I think it is time that you do something different when you get the chance.


Great... jus great... lol