Reviews for "Dick Neck: Origins"


I was ready to give it a 0 because newgrounds is just full of "dick this" "dick that" flash cartoons now...

But this one got oddly .... clever ... after the intro part which was typical newgrounds failure stuff.

I feel like an idiot calling dick jokes clever...but...well yeah...

Phobotech responds:

At least it's not another sprite flash, or video game parody...always remember that!

I'm happy to have surprised you! Hopefully the next dick joke will be even more clever. Thanks!


Dick neck...what else can I say??!!

Phobotech responds:

Hell if I know. All I can say is "Thanks!"

Animation was great, it was funny... but

Just a tad bit cruel on Drforeman you think? Goes to show newgrounds is unreliable.

Phobotech responds:

Tad bit cruel on DrForeman? Nope. If anything, it's a compliment; I saved him from the smoldering wreckage of his thread and turned him into a cross between Mr. Fantastic, the Incredible Hulk, and a giant Phallus at the price of lusting for other Phallus's.

Also, how does this go to show that Newgrounds is unreliable?

Like....wait a minute....

How does this one flash, based on a small meme from one thread, demonstrate the whole of Newgrounds is unreliable? When I first announced this project in the original thread, there were many users that thought I wouldn't see it through, ("Please let this be real.") But, working for months and months, it's completed.

If anything, it goes to show we're totally SUPER DUPER RELIABLE :D *high five*

Thanks for the review!

such a gayfilm.......

but i still give you a chance for the drawings[EXEPT FOR THE START OF SUCKING PENIS TO PENIS]=P

Phobotech responds:

I'm not sure what you were watching, but at no point in this animation was there a penis sucking another penis.

It's implied that Dr Foreman was gagging on something in the crotch region of Lord Turnip, but never, at any point, was there dick on dick action.

That might have applied if it were the transformed Dick Neck going to town on some lad's nether-regions...yes, then it wouldn't be that far of a...STRETCH...to make such a claim....but no sir. I don't know what you're talking about. No gayness here!

this is fucked up....

but somewhat hilarious, the gay sex thing should not have been animated out at all and i think the description that took place before hand about the salavation and whatnot was really gross, but the part with the mascot unstable tactical nuke i thought was a fucking lolfest. im hoping this is as gross as things get for the series.

Phobotech responds:

In homosexuality, maybe...but in gore? Oh, hell no...