Reviews for "Dick Neck: Origins"

funny but...

Im really tired of seeing guys sucking each others dicks on newgrounds you seriously didnt need to show it. other than that it was great

Phobotech responds:

Actually, you never see the actual act of sucking the dick...it's just heavily, blatantly implied, but never shown.

...So there...



(Was this really based on an actual person who used NG to brag about his muscles?) Very creative... to the end.

Phobotech responds:

Thanks very much!

(And we're going to go ahead and say "Yes")

Just.... wow.

Honestly... I thought this was going to be completely horrible, but... I await the sequel, you've turned a Newgrounds meme/penis joke into a super hero/villain story, bravo.

-1 for it involving a penis though.

Phobotech responds:

How could I NOT involve a penis when the antagonist's name is "DICK NECK!?"

...I'll accept the -1, though...it was totally worth it, for a constant cock joke!

Thanks very much for the review!


As long as this masterpiece lives on so will the legend of Dick Neck.

One question though. Where can I get those songs? I've searched my dick off for "Extraordinary", "Sacred Oath", and "Guardian Light", and have found nothing. There were 2 or 3 sites that had the correct title and author name, but when I clicked play I received jack shit.

Anyway, great movie. Loved the voice acting and the way it fit with the music.

Can't wait to see the sequel.


That's great.. right at the explosion half a dick is flying towards him... I love you magic movie creator man..