Reviews for "Dick Neck: Origins"


Hilarious parody (or documentary?) of the infamous thread, The voice acting was totally top-hole, Well done.

Phobotech responds:

Let's call it a "Paradoc."

Thanks very much!


that was a Epic Story!

Phobotech responds:

And it's only just begun...


first the thread then the movie Then the game THEN THE TOYS!!!!! rofl anyway you should make another 1 that explains why he spells jellous like jellyous

Phobotech responds:

A Dick Neck toy? Lol...that'd be like a Stretch Armstrong, but it's not the arms or the legs...lmao


Dickneck (DrForman) said he was going to sue you. lolzz

Phobotech responds:

LOL, wow...because of your review, I checked his news post for the first time in months. That's some funny shit. Thanks!

i will**** dickneck

up the neck

Phobotech responds:

This isn't a review in any way, shape, or form.

Like, hold on a second...what am I supposed to do with this? Chortle with a "Hyuck-hyuck, you sure will! Gwarsh!"

I don't get shit out of this. The "10" number over there might be usable, but when you give it a full 10/10 and don't explain why, it may as well been a zero or any other number. I would ASSUME that, by giving a 10 in the review-space, that you rather enjoyed it, but that isn't addressed once in the entire sentence...no, that's flattering....FRAGMENT that you provided me.

If you liked it, explain why you liked it; what parts in particular built up your vote into a full-out ten. If you hated it, explain WHY you hated it. It's not difficult to do.

This isn't Youtube. Notice how there aren't thumb ups or thumb downs if you agree with what user has said about the flash? They specifically say, has this review been helpful, useless, or abusive.

Well...your fragment-review ain't abusive...that's a relief. Instead, it is painfully useless to me as I try to gain feedback from viewers.

In the future, don't waste the review space on mundane, brainless comments unless you're reviewing a mundane, brainless flash!

...........Ohhhhhhhh...... I get it... This IS a mundane, brainless flash.

.......Carry on then. XD